About the Agency

Strategy: Operation and Development

The operation and development of the Slovenian Research Agency follows the current Resolution on the Research and Innovation Strategy of Slovenia (2011-2020), focusing on its research segment. It also supports the implementation of government documents related to research, such as the Open Access Strategy and Research Infrastructure Roadmap.

The Agency’s vision of operation and development is based on seven strategic orientations:

  1. sound implementation of Agency’s activities according to the legal bases, Decision Establishing the Slovenian Research Agency, and applicable national strategic documents,
  2. transparency and responsiveness,
  3. optimisation of existing instruments and setting-up pilot instruments,
  4. monitoring the effects of the implementation of the activities,
  5. international integration and comparability,
  6. transition to fully electronic services,
  7. open public communication and science promotion.

The feasibility of the vision largely depends on the available financial and human resources. In the recent period, funding has been increasing; however, the Agency will face challenges in compensating or even eliminating the effects of the recession that arose in 2012.

(from the introduction to the Strategy)