About the Agency

Mission and Vision

The Slovenian Research and Innovation Agency  (ARIS) as an independent public funding organisation perform tasks relating to the National Research and Development Programme and creation of European Research Area.


  • provides framework for scientific research within the national budget and other sources,
  • promotes high quality scientific research in Slovenia and its application,
  • fosters internationaly comparable evaluation standards in Slovenia,
  • provides the transparency of organising research community in Slovenia,
  • promotes international research cooperation,
  • analyses R&D activities and provides science policy expertise.



The Agency aims to provide the scientific community with instruments enabling stable funding of scientific excellence. The continuing improvements of the instruments should enable fairer competition of scientists within all fields of science. Ambitious international presence of scientists should be reflected through thought leading publications, based on activities funded by the Agency and participation of researchers in eminent european and other international projects. The Agency follows the policies of open science, scientific integrity, gender diversity and operates in line with the national research and innovation strategy.