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Pursuant to Article 140 of the Rules on the Procedures of the (co)financing and Monitoring of Research Activities Implementation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 4/2011), and in connection with Article 12 of the Research and Development Activities Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 22/06 Research and Development Act, Consolidated text 1), the Slovenian Research Agency, Tivolska cesta 30, 1000 Ljubljana, hereby announces the

Public call for (co)financing of renowned researchers from abroad in 2012

Launch: 10.6.2011
Deadline: 23.9.2011
Budget: 180,000 €

The Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) co-finances a 3-months working visit of a renowned foreign researcher to a slovenian research group with the aim of

  • improving research performance and focus of the slovenian research group and
  • preparing a joint paper in a top-ranking journal.

The renowned foreign researcher must join a slovenian research group for an uninterrupted duration of 3 months (the participation to a conference outside of Slovenia does not count as interruption). In these 3 months the foreign researcher must hold at least two public lectures that are at least one month apart.

A »foreign researcher« in this call is a foreign or slovenian citizen who has been living and working outside of Slovenia for at least 5 years.

The public call is launched each year for 8-10 renowned foreign researchers working in the fields of natural, technical, medical, biotechnical, social or human sciences.

Applications are evaluated by an expert body that, with the help of external reviewers, prepares a sorted list of proposals for co-financing and submits it to the Scientific council of the ARRS that recommends the list to the Governing board of the ARRS for the final decision. The budget per approved foreign researcher is 18,000 €; the ARRS signs a contract with the hosting slovenian research organization which, in turn, signs a contract with the visiting foreign researcher.

Evaluation criteria for the renowned foreign researcher include

  • statutary excellence (Nobel prize or other important awards, membership in important scientific societies, editor of scientific journals with high impact etc.)
  • excellence of publications
  • excellence of citations
  • quality of the work programme of the working visit

The hosting institution prepares the complete proposal and submits it to the ARRS. No statement from the foreign researcher is required.

The renowned foreign researcher who would be interested in working in Slovenia for at least three months is kindly asked to provide the following information to the slovenian host who is preparing the application (the numerals denote the sequence in the Application form on the e-portal of the ARRS):

5. Name, surname academic title, e-mail, personal web page address

11. Prestigious awards that he/she has received (for each award the following information is obligatory: title of the award; web page of the award; web page of the award being given to the candidate, if available; which institution awards it; how many per year, total fund and fund per individual award, what was the fund received)

12. Membership in prestigious Academies and Societies of Science (for each membership the following information is obligatory: title of the Academy/Society; web page of the Academy/Society; nr. of members; examples of other prestigious members)

13. Status of Full Professor or Professor Emeritus; in this case, the following information is obligatory: name of the University, its web page; short description of the University, its local and global position, ranking; what he/she teaches

14. Editor-in-chief, Associate Editor or Member of the Editorial or Advisory board of an international scientific journal with IMPACT factor (or indexed by A@HCI or another database for humane sciences); Scientific Editor or Member of the Editorial board of a book/monography series at a renowned international publisher (for each case the following information is obligatory: title of journal or book/monography series; publisher; web page; short description of the journal or book/monography series, its local and global position; nr. of issues/volumes per year; IMPACT factor of journal)

15. Three most important and most cited scientific publications in the last ten years (for each the following information is obligatory: title, authors, journal/book/monography, nr. of citations and source of citation information)

16. Total number of citations for the last ten years (excluding autocitations, if available)

17. Included in the list of ISI citation classics (

18. Common publication(s) with Nobel prize winner (which year, which Nobel prize) or with recipient of another prestigious awards (include information as in item 11); include title, authors, journal/book/monography, for each

19. Publications in journals with IMPACT factor above 15 or in top-two journals for the respective scientific field in WoS, or, for humanities, in the top journals

20. Author or co-author of a scientific book/monography at a renowned publisher; include title, authors, book/monography, year, publisher

22. CV, in English, can be a file in pdf format

23. Three scientific or professional achievements (including e.g. being awarded an ERC Advanced Researcher Grant, an International Patent etc.); 25. Journal(s) that will be targeted for joint publication with slovenian co-authors (including IMPACT factor)

26. Short work programme with the slovenian host group (in English), including at least two public lectures that are at least a month apart

Further information:

The web page of the public call (only in slovenian):

Results of the Public calls for (co)financing of renowned researchers from abroad in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2007 and 2006.

Contact person at the ARRS:
dr. Primož Pristovšek, tel. +386 1 400 5971,