Promotion of Science

Supporting the development and establishment of innovative communication activities for the promotion of Slovenian science

Since 2014, we have co-financed innovative communication activities via the Public Call for the Promotion of Slovene Science Abroad. Innovative communication activities are representing a novel manner of science promotion in Slovenia, ensuring coverage of all scientific disciplines, communication with foreign audiences and combining excellent researchers with experts in the field of media and communication.

The field of new science communication forms has been strengthening since the introduction of co-financing, it is becoming ever more recognized, and most importantly, increasingly accepted both in the research community and in the wider media.

In 2016 we introduced an additional activity to be supported. Establishment, development and maintenance of Global networks, which connect Slovenian scientists abroad with their counterparts in Slovenia are offered support.

Co-financed innovative activities - tools for the promotion of Slovenian science:

  • STA Krog (STA Circle), Slovenian Press Agency

    The importance of engaging the Slovenian Press Agency in the field of science is a strategic contribution to the integration of science and the media.
  • Meta Znanost – Kje so naše ladje? (Meta Science – Where are our ships?)

    An interactive map of Slovenian scientists and scientists around the world has been echoed at home and abroad.
    Link: and
  • Znanost na cesti, Satena (Science on the road, Satena)

    Weekday evening events that have introduced the scientific café concept to Slovenia at one of the oldest cafes in Ljubljana.

  • Tromba portal

    In cooperation with the largest research organizations, Tromba has become an important portal for thematic discussions of science and economy.

  • Kvarkadabra (Quarkadabra) – a journal for the interpretation of science

    A portal operating since 1997 has pioneered the advancement of science to the general public.

  •  Črna škatla (Black Box) – an online magazine for cognitive science

    Establishment of the "In the background of scientific achievements" web portal for the promotion of important Slovenian scientific discoveries with an emphasis on mental processes behind scientific achievements.



Global networks: