Private Researcher Register


The legal basis for the Private Researcher Register is provided by the Rules on the Register of Private Researchers (OGRS, No. 12/2005; 5/2007, 84/2008; hereinafter: the Rules) which, in turn, were adopted on the basis of the Research and Development Activity Act.

The Private Researcher Register is intended for individuals who:

  • are not engaged in an employment relationship,
  • do not have student status,
  • do not receive a pension, pursue any other activity in a self-employed capacity, and, in relation with the latter, are not entered in a register of self-employed activities, should such register be prescribed,
  • are capable of performing research and development activity and
  • meet other criteria stipulated under the Rules.

An individual acquires self-employment status on the basis of entry into the Private Researcher Register.

For additional information, contact Katarina Hren, tel. (+386 1) 400 5927.