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Four Newly Awarded Fellowships to visit ERC Grantee

Results of the second national call »ERC Fellowship to Visit ERC Grantee« published


Results of the second National call for (co)financing potential ERC candidates to visit ERC grantees in 2018 have been published in April 2018.

National call resulted in five awarded fellowships, out of which four will finally be implemented throughout the 2018. Two awardees are researchers in field of engineering, while the other two are researchers in social sciences and humanities respectively. They will be visiting ERC grantees in three countries, namely Sweden, Austria and Ireland.

Four awardees are joining the group of seven awarded researchers in the first generation, conducting their visits in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Finland in 2017.

About the call:

ARRS has been among the first six European agencies to respond to the “ERC Fellowship to Visit ERC Grantee” proposal made by the ERC in early 2016, successfully establishing a new mechanism in co-operation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Slovenia. The core criterion of the evaluation is scientific excellence.

Awarded researchers will in accordance with national regulations and in addition to the salary received by their research organisation receive funds, covering costs of visits. Application to the call has been open to candidates regardless of their nationality or country of visit. The mechanism supports three- to six-months visits by awarded researchers by ERC grantees. ERC Fellowship is the initiative put forward by the ERC Scientific Council's Working Group on Widening European Participation. The Working Group aims to contribute to an inclusive European culture of competitiveness in science by way of strengthening the participation of researchers in ERC calls from Europe less research-performing regions. In accordance with that, the national call bounds awardees to apply to the relevant ERC call for proposal within the time-frame of the first two consecutive calls.