Research infrastructure

Popular Scientific periodicals

Aim and Objectives

The Agency (co)finances publishing of periodicals with popular scientific content.

The objective is to (co)finance the domestic popular scientific periodicals in printed or web format. The Agency supports issuance of publications with the aim to facilitate and promote publication of publications that are:

  • important for stimulating the interest of young people and the public in natural sciences and technology and in disseminating the general scientific and technical culture;
  • relevant for formal education (especially primary and secondary education);
  • important for the development of Slovenian popular science terminology;
  • accessible on the web and created in large part by Slovenian authors.

Target Audience

Beneficiaries are public research institutions, universities and other public institutions in the field of research, societies registered in the database of societies that are active in the public interest in the field of research, publishers, legal persons of Slovenians in neighbouring countries and legal persons of Slovenians abroad.

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