Research infrastructure

Scientific monographs

Aim and Objectives

The Agency supports releasing of scientific monographs with the aim to facilitate and promote those scientific monographs, which are:

  • current and fundamental for the development of scientific field in question;
  • important for the development of Slovenian scientific terminology;
  • relevant to the presentation of Slovenian scientific achievements in domestic and international arena;
  • important for the dissemination of new scientific knowledge and scientific culture.

The objective is to (co)finance release of:

  • scientific monographs from Slovenian authors with introductory study and commentary;
  • translations of scientific monographs of foreign authors into Slovenian language;
  • translations of scientific monographs of Slovenian authors into foreign language;
  • digital printing of monographies. The monographs have to comply with international bibliographic standards, and standards for scientific publications valid in Slovenia.

Target Audience

Beneficiaries are public research institutions, universities and other public institutions in the field of research, societies registered in the database of societies that are active in the public interest in the field of research, publishers in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and neighbouring countries.

Calls, results and additional details

  • Calls (in Slovene)
  • Results (in Slovene)