Nomenclature of Research Results and Impacts (ARRS)

A.01 Article
A.02 Book
A.03 Book chapter
A.04 Significant scientific discovery, theory, law
A.05 Quotation
A.06 Encyclopaedia entry
A.07 Doctor's degree
A.08 Other
B.01 Organiser of a scientific meeting
B.02 Presiding over the programming board of a conference
B.03 Paper at an international scientific conference
B.04 Guest lecture
B.05 Guest lecturer at an institute/university
B.06 Other
C.01 Editorial board of a foreign/international collection of papers/book
C.02 Editorial board of a national monograph
C.03 Guest-associated editor
C.04 Editorial board of an international magazine
C.05 Editorial board of a national magazine
C.06 Editorial board membership
C.07 Other editorial board
D.01 Chairing over/coordinating (international and national) projects
D.02 Establishment of a research centre, laboratory, study course, association
D.03 Membership in foreign/international boards/committees
D.04 Initiative to set up a new research area in Slovenia
D.05 Laboratory accreditation
D.06 Final report on a foreign/international project
D.07 Presiding over a centre/laboratory
D.08 Management and development of research activities
D.09 Tutoring for postgraduate students
D.10 Educational activities
D.11 Other
E.01 National awards
E.02 International awards
E.03 Other
F.01 Acquisition of new practical knowledge, information and skills
F.02 Acquisition of new scientific knowledge
F.03 Increased qualifications of the research and development staff
F.04 Increase of the technological level
F.05 Ability to launch new technological development cycle
F.06 Development of a new product
F.07 Improvements to an existing product
F.08 Development and manufacture of a prototype
F.09 Development of a new technological process or technology
F.10 Improvements to an existing technological process or technology
F.11 Development of a new service
F.12 Improvements to an existing service
F.13 Development of new production methods and tools or processes
F.14 Improvements to existing production methods and tools or processes
F.15 Development of a new information system/databases
F.16 Improvements to an existing information system/databases
F.17 Transfer of existing technologies, know-how, methods and procedures into practice
F.18 Transfer of new know-how to direct users (seminars, fora, conferences)
F.19 Knowledge that leads to a company spin off
F.20 Company spin off
F.21 Development of new health/diagnostic methods/procedures
F.22 Improvement to existing health/diagnostic methods/procedures
F.23 Development of new system-wide, normative and programme solutions, and methods
F.24 Improvements to existing system-wide, normative and programme solutions, and methods
F.25 Development of new organisational structures and managerial solutions
F.26 Improvements to existing organisational structure and managerial solutions
F.27 Contribution to preserving/protecting natural and cultural heritage
F.28 Organising an exhibition
F.29 Contribution to the development of national cultural identity
F.30 Professional assessment of the situation
F.31 Development of standards
F.32 International patent
F.33 Slovenian patent
F.34 Consultancy
F.35 Other
G.01 Development of higher education
  G.01.01 Development of undergraduate education
  G.01.02 Development of postgraduate education
  G.01.03 Other
G.02 Economic development
  G.02.01 Expanding the supply of new products/services on the market
  G.02.02 Expansion of existing markets
  G.02.03 Lowering production costs
  G.02.04 Lowering the use of resources and energy
  G.02.05 Expanding the area of activities
  G.02.06 Boosting the competitive ability
  G.02.07 Increasing the share of exports
  G.02.08 Increasing profit
  G.02.09 New jobs
  G.02.10 Rise of the educational level of employees
  G.02.11 New investment cycle
  G.02.12 Other
G.03 Technological development
  G.03.01 Technological expansion/modernisation of activities
  G.03.02 Technological restructuring of the activity
  G.03.03 Introduction of new technologies
  G.03.04 Other
G.04 Social development
  G.04.01 Increase in the quality of life
  G.04.02 Improving the management
  G.04.03 Improving the work of administrative staff and civil servants
  G.04.04 Development of social activities
  G.04.05 Development of civil society
  G.04.06 Other
G.05 Maintaining and developing national natural and cultural heritage and identity
G.06 Protection of the environment and sustainable development
G.07 Development of social infrastructure
  G.07.01 Information and communication infrastructure
  G.07.02 Transport infrastructure
  G.07.03 Energy infrastructure
  G.07.04 Other
G.08 Health protection and development of healthcare
G.09 Other