Common European Research Classification Scheme (CERIF)

Source: Common European Research Classification Scheme, annex to CERIF (Common European Research project Information Format, Official Journal of the European Communities, L189, 1991)


H100 Documentation, information, library science, archivistics
H105 Bibliography
H110 Paleography, bibliology, epigraphy, papyrology
Philosophy H 001
H120 Systematic philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, epistemology, ideology
H125 Philosophical anthropology
H130 History of philosophy
H135 Phenomenology
H140 Philosophical logic
H150 Philosophy of special sciences
H155 Moral science
Theology H 002
H160 General, systematic and practical Christian theology
H165 Canon law
H170 Bible
H180 History of the Christian church
H190 Non-Christian religions
History and Arts H 003
H200 Theory of history
H210 Ancient history
H220 Medieval history
H230 Modern history (up to circa 1800)
H240 Contemporary history (circa 1800 to 1914)
H250 Contemporary history (since 1914)
H260 History of science
H270 Social and economic history
H271 Political history
H280 Local and regional history, historical geography since the Middle Ages
H290 Colonial history
H300 History of law
H310 Art history
H311 Painting
H312 Sculpture and architecture
H313 Art criticism
H314 Preservation and restoration of art works
H315 Aesthetics
H320 Musicology
H330 Dramatic art
H340 Archaeology
H341 Prehistory
H345 Egyptology
H346 Numismatics and sigillography
H347 Genealogy and heraldry
Philology H 004
H350 Linguistics
H351 Phonetics, phonology
H352 Grammar, semantics, semiotics, syntax
H353 Lexicology
H355 History of language
H360 Applied linguistics, foreign languages teaching, sociolinguistics
H361 Neurolinguistics
H365 Translation
H370 Onomastics
H380 Comparative linguistics
H390 General and comparative literature, literary criticism, literary theory
H400 Folklore
H401 Dialectology
H410 Indo-European languages and literatures of Asia Minor, Indo-Iranian
H420 Greek language
H430 Greek literature
H440 Latin language
H450 Latin literature
H460 French language
H470 French literature
H480 Italian language and literature
H490 Spanish and Portuguese language and literature
H500 Other Romance languages and literatures
H510 Celtic languages and literatures
H520 Germanic philology
H530 German language and literature
H540 Dutch language
H550 Dutch literature
H560 Frisian language and literature
H570 English language and literature
H580 Scandinavian languages and literatures
H590 Baltic and Slavonic languages and literatures
H595 Russian language and literature
H600 Languages and literatures of Asia Minor, Caucasian languages and literatures, Basque, Sumerian
H610 Hamito-Semitic languages and literatures
H620 Uralian and Altaic languages and literatures
H630 Paleo-Siberian languages and literatures, Korean, Japanese
H640 Languages and literatures of South and South-East Asia, Chinese
H650 Austronesian and Papuan languages and literatures
H660 African languages and literatures
H670 American languages and literatures: Creole languages
Social Sciences S 000
S100 History and philosophy of the social sciences
S110 Juridical sciences
S111 Administrative law
S112 Human rights
S114 Comparative law
S115 Philosophy and theory of law
S120 Environmental law
S121 Juvenile law
S122 Media law
S123 Informatics law
S124 Patents, copyrights, trademarks
S130 Civil law: persons, family, marriage contract, successions, gifts, property, obligations, guarantees
S136 Transportation law
S137 Insurance law
S140 Public law
S141 Fiscal law
S142 Judicial law
S143 Social law
S144 Industrial and commercial law
S145 Notarial law
S146 Labour law
S148 Constitutional law
S149 Criminal law, criminal proceedings
S150 International private and public law
S151 Aerial, maritime and space law
S155 European law
S160 Criminology
S170 Political and administrative sciences
S175 Polemology
S180 Economics, econometrics, economic theory, economic systems, economic policy
S181 Financial science
S182 Actuarial science
S183 Cyclical economics
S184 Economic planning
S185 Commercial and industrial economics
S186 International commerce
S187 Agricultural economics
S188 Economics of development
S189 Organizational science
S190 Management of enterprises
S191 Market study
S192 Accounting
S195 Development cooperation
S196 Social economics
S210 Sociology
S211 Sociology of science
S212 Sociology of labour, sociology of enterprise
S213 Social structures
S214 Social changes, theory of social work
S215 Social problems and welfare, national insurance
S216 Care and help to handicapped
S220 Cultural anthropology, ethnology
S230 Social geography
S240 Town and country planning
S250 Demography
S260 Psychology
S261 Differential and individual psychology
S262 Development psychology
S263 Social psychology
S264 Applied and experimental psychology
S265 Press and communication sciences
S266 Industrial psychology
S270 Pedagogy and didactics
S271 Special didactics
S272 Teacher education
S273 Physical training, motorial learning, sport
S274 Research methodology in science
S280 Adult education, permanent education
S281 Computer-assisted education
S282 Comparative and historical pedagogy
S283 Psychopedagogy
S284 Experimental pedagogy
S285 Social pedagogy
S286 Orthopedagogy
S290 Social medicine
Mathematics P 001
P110 Mathematical logic, set theory, combinatories
P120 Number theory, field theory, algebraic geometry, algebra, group theory
P130 Functions, differential equations
P140 Series, Fourier analysis, functional analysis
P150 Geometry, algebraic topology
P160 Statistics, operations research, programming, actuarial mathematics
P170 Computer science, numerical analysis, systems, control
P175 Informatics, systems theory
P176 Artificial intelligence
Physics P 002
P180 Metrology, physical instrumentation
P190 Mathematical and general theoretical physics, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, relativity, gravitation, statistical physics, thermodynamics
P200 Electromagnetism, optics, acoustics
P210 Elementary particle physics, quantum field theory
P211 High energy interactions, cosmic rays
P220 Nuclear physics
P230 Atomic and molecular physics
P240 Gases, fluid dynamics, plasmas
P250 Condensed matter: structure, thermal and mechanical properties, crystallography, phase equilibria
P260 Condensed matter: electronic structure, electrical, magnetic and optical properties, supraconductors, magnetic resonance, relaxation, spectroscopy
P265 Semiconductory physics
Chemistry P 003
P300 Analytical chemistry
P305 Environmental chemistry
P351 Structure chemistry
P352 Surface and boundary layery chemistry
P360 Inorganic chemistry
P370 Macromolecular chemistry
P380 Nuclear chemistry
P390 Organic chemistry
P395 Organometallic chemistry
P400 Physical chemistry
P401 Electrochemistry
P402 Photochemistry
P410 Theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry
Biochemistry, Metabolism P 004
P310 Proteins, enzymology
P320 Nucleic acids, protein synthesis
P330 Bioenergetics
P340 Lipids, steroids, membranes
Geology, physical geography P 005
P420 Petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry
P430 Mineral deposits, economic geology
P440 Tectonics
P450 Stratigraphy
P460 Sedimentology
P470 Hydrogeology, geographical and geological engineering
P500 Geophysics, physical oceanography, meteorology
P510 Physical geography, geomorphology, pedology, cartography, climatology
P515 Geodesy
Palaeontology P 006
Astronomy P 007
P520 Astonomy, space research, cosmic chemistry
General biomedical sciences B 001
B100 History and philosophy of biomedical sciences, theoretical biology, general aspects of evolution
B110 Bioinformatics, medical informatics, biomathematics biometrics
B115 Biomechanics, cybernetics
Biophysics B 002
B120 Molecular biophysics
B130 Physiological biophysics
B140 Clinical physics, radiology, tomography, medical instrumentation
B145 Nuclear medicine, radiobiology
B190 Clinical chemistry
B191 Plant biochemistry
B200 Cytology, oncology, cancerology
B210 Histology, cytochemistry, histochemistry, tissue culture
B220 Genetics, cytogenetics
B225 Plant genetics
B230 Microbiology, bacteriology, virology, mycology
B235 Protozoology
B240 Parasitology (human and animal)
B250 Entomology, plant parasitology
B260 Hydrobiology, marine biology, aquatic ecology, limnology
Ecology B 003
B270 Plant ecology
B280 Animal ecology
Botany B 004
B290 Systematic botany, taxonomy, morphology, phytogeography, chemotaxonomy. Physiology of onvascular plants
B300 Palaeobotany, phylogeny, palynology
B310 Physiology of vascular plants
Zoology B 005
B320 Systematic zoology, taxonomy, zoogeopraphy
B330 Palaeozoology, phylogeny
B340 Animal anatomy, animal morphology
B350 Development biology, growth (animal), ontogeny, embryology
B360 Animal physiology
B361 Physiology of invertebrates
B370 Endocrinology of invertebrates
B380 Animal ethology and psychology
B381 Human ethology
Agronomics B 006
B390 Phytotechny, horticulture, crop protection, phytopathology
B400 Zootechny, animal husbandry, breeding
B401 Aviculture
B402 Aquaculture, pisciculture
B410 Soil science, agricultural hydrology
B420 Nutrition
B430 Sylviculture, forestry, forestry technology
B431 Tropical agriculture
B432 Ornamental plants
B433 Fixation of nitrogen
B434 Agrochemistry
B435 History of agriculture
Medicine (human and vertebrates) B 007
B440 Human anatomy and morphology
B450 Development biology, teratology, ontogeny, embryology (human)
B460 Physical anthropology
B470 Physiology
B480 Endocrinology, secreting systems, diabetology
B490 Haematology, extracellular fluids
B500 Immunology, serology, transplantation
B510 Infections
B520 General pathology, pathological anatomy
B530 Cardiovascular system
B540 Respiratory system
B550 Gastro-enterology
B560 Urology, nephrology
B570 Obstetrics, gynaecology, andrology, reproduction, sexuality
B580 Skeleton, muscle system, rheumatology locomotion
B590 Anaesthesiology, intensive care
B600 Surgery, orthopaedics, traumatology
B610 Otorhinolaryngology, audiology, auditive system and speech
B620 Ophtalmology
B630 Dermatology, venereology
B640 Neurology, neuropsychology, neurophysiology
B650 Psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychosomatics
B660 Pediatrics
B670 Gerontology
B680 Public health, epidemiology
B685 Hospital science and management
B690 Occupational health, industrial medicine
B700 Environmental health
B710 Physical medicine, kinesitherapy, revalidation, rehabilitation
B720 General practice, medical training
B725 Diagnostics
B726 Clinical biology
B730 Odontology, stomatology
B740 Pharmacological sciences, pharmacognosy, pharmacy, toxicology
B750 Veterinary medicine: surgery, physiology, pathology, clinical studies
B760 Psychonomics
B770 Legal medicine
B780 Tropical medicine
B790 Clinical genetics
T100 History and philosophy of technology
T110 Instrumentation technology
T111 Imaging, image processing
T115 Medical technology
T120 Systems engineering, computer technology
T121 Signal processing
T125 Automation, robotics, control engineering
T130 Production technology
T140 Energy research
T150 Material technology
T151 Optical materials
T152 Composite materials
T153 Ceramic materials and powders
T155 Coatings and surface treatment
T160 Nuclear engineering and technology
T165 Laser technology
Electronics and Electrical technology T 001
T170 Electronics
T171 Microelectronics
T180 Telecommunication engineering
T181 Remote sensing
T190 Electrical engineering
T191 High frequency technology, microwaves
T200 Thermal engineering, applied thermodynamics
T210 Mechanical engineering, hydraulics, vacuum technology, vibration and acoustic engineering
Construction technology T 002
T220 Civil engineering, hydraulic engineering, offshore technology, soil mechanics
T230 Building construction
T240 Architecture, interior design
T250 Landscape design
T260 Physical planning
T270 Environmental technology, pollution control
Transport technology T 003
T280 Road transport technology
T290 Railway transport technology
T300 Water transport technology
T310 Air transport technology
T320 Space technology
T330 Military science and technology
T340 Mining
T350 Chemical technology and engineering
T360 Biochemical technology
T370 Carbochemistry, petrochemistry, fuels and explosives technology
T380 Natural oils, fats and waxes technology
T390 Polymer technology, biopolymers
T400 Fine chemicals technology, colours
T410 Pharmaceuticals and related technologies
T411 Radiopharmaceutical technology
T420 Agricultural engineering, agricultural machines, farmhouse construction
T430 Food and drink technology
T440 Non-metallic mineral technology
T450 Metal technology, metallurgy, metal products
T455 Motors and propulsion systems
T460 Wood, pulp and paper technology
T470 Textiles technology
T480 Technology of other products
T490 Biotechnology
T500 Safety technology
T510 Chronology, dating techniques