Databases of Research and Development Actors


The Slovenian Research Agency keeps databases on research and development actors for the purpose of Agency research and development activity, for drafting the policy stipulated under the Research and Development Activities Act, for statistical purposes and for monitoring the condition of research and development sphere.

Research and development actors are research organisations as defined under Article 5 of the Research and Development Act, plus private researchers.


  • Research and development activities include basic and applicative research as well as precompetitive research, industrial research and the transfer of knowledge.
  • A researcher is a natural person carrying out research or development activities.
  • A research team is a team of researchers carrying out  research and/or development activities for legal persons of either public or private law.
  • A Research Organisation is a legal person of either public or private law that meets the conditions determined by the Research and Development Act as well as regulations issued on the basis of the said Act governing the performance of research and development activities.

Types of Databases

Data collection

The data on research and development actors is collected directly on the basis of applications from research and development actors.

Some data is also available on the Internet on the SICRIS (Slovenian Current Research Information System) webpage, as well as in other international records and information system covering research activity.