Facts and Figures

The scope and structure of funding

Basic projects

Funds and FTE for basic projects


Funds for basic projects by discipline in 2021


The share of funds by discipline and gender of the basic project leader in 2021

Basic project leaders by age and gender in 2021
(their age at the end of 2021)

The youngest male basic project leader is 31 years old and the youngest female leader is 33. The oldest male basic project leader is 81 years old and the oldest female leader is 69.

The share of funds for basic projects by gender of the young project leader or other project leader in 2021

A special category is represented by basic projects run by young doctors (a maximum of ten active years have passed since the project leader received the doctorate degree). These researchers receive special attention in public calls for project co-funding.

Among young leaders, 43,9% are women and 56,1% are men. Among other leaders, 36,1% are women and 63,9% are men.