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Target research programmes

Aim and Objectives

Target research programmes (referred to the Slovenian abbreviation of CRP) represent a system created in 2001 for inter-sectoral cooperation in planning and implementing networked R&D projects for specific areas of public interest. CRP represent a special form of scientific and research programme of the ministry holding portfolio of science in cooperation with the Agency contributes to setting and implementing strategic development objectives for Slovenia in cooperation with other ministries.


Reports on CRP projects in Digital Library of Slovenia

The aim of a CRP is to ensure target-oriented research support for the following:

  1. preparation of long-term development planning documents and system-level solutions for implementation at the national level, and for priority areas at the individual, inter-sectoral, and inter-departmental or inter-ministerial levels;
  2. monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the basic policies from these documents and systemic solutions;
  3. adapting or amending policy objectives and implementing measures with respect to changing circumstances in the domestic and/or international environment.

CRPs are stressing the interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and inter-institutional dimensions. To date the following CRPs have been designed: (1) CRP – Slovenian Competitiveness 2006-2013, (2) CRP – Science for Peace and Security 2004-2010, (2) CRP based on Resolution on the strategic orientations of development of Slovenian agriculture and food industry in 2020 and (4) CRP projects based on declared institutional interest (2015 onwards).

Target Audience

CRPs are designed and implemented by ministries in cooperation with other interested users. Projects are carried out by public and/or private research entities that meet the conditions prescribed in the Research Act and other Agency regulations.

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