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Slovenian scientists confirmed association between the Zika virus and Microcephaly

A group of scientist of Medical Faculty at the University of Ljubljana and the University medical center Ljubljana are first to confirm the association between the Zika virus and Microcephaly.

The epidemic infection of Zika virus was expanded in South and Central America and the Caribbean in 2015. The main concern associated with infection is the increased incidence of Microcephaly in fetuses born to infected mothers.

The article will be published in the April copy of The New England Journal of Medicine. Article is already available online.

Academic professor Dr. Tatjana Avšič Županc, the head of the research, is the leader of the Laboratory for diagnosis of Zoonoses at the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. Dr. Avšič Županc is also member of the Scientific Council of the Agency in the field of biotechnology.

Photo: David Lotric



Date: 15.02.2016