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Fellowship to visit ERC Grantee

Aim and Objectives

Aim and Objectives
The main objective of visiting fellowship programme is cooperation between potential ERC candidate (i.e. Visiting researcher) and one of the ERC grantees abroad (i.e. Host researcher).
European Research Council (ERC) released guidelines Fellowship to visit ERC Grantee for the first time on January 19 2016 and supplemented it by new guidelines on March 15 2019. The mission declared is to support frontier research in all fields of science and the enhancement of the full potential for frontier research available across Europe: »The ERC therefore encourages national and/or regional authorities and organizations to set up visiting fellowship programmes to fund potential candidates for the ERC’s calls to visit the teams of existing ERC-funded Principal Investigators. Such schemes will allow the selected candidates to strengthen their research profile and vision in an internationally competitive research environment before applying for an ERC grant.«


ERC press release on visiting fellowships

The intention of the European Research Council is to encourage national authorities to initiate visiting fellowship programme on their own. The ambition behind this announcement is to ensure a more uniform distribution of ERC grantees across Europe.

The visits should last for a minimum of one month and up to six months. According to the call, within specified time of the visit's conclusion, visiting researcher has to apply for one of the three types of ERC grants (i.e. starting, consolidator, and advanced).

Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) adopted this Instrument in July 2016 and was among first six European agencies to introduce »ERC Fellowship to Visit ERC Grantee«.

Target Audience

Entities that can apply to the Call are research institutions and private researchers entered in the database on implementers of research & development activities in the Republic of Slovenia and in the Register of private researchers run by the Agency, meeting the conditions prescribed by the Research and Development Act.

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Year  Approved for co-financing on the basis of Visiting Fellowship Programme Success rate on ERC Calls
2017 7 Dr. Nejc Hodnik (StG)
Dr. Matej Praprotnik (AdG)
2018 4  
2019 2  
2020 3  

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