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The categorisation of scientific publications using Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) methodology implemented in the SICRIS (Slovenian Current Research Information System)

This announcement is to inform interested parties that the categorisation of scientific publications using the Slovenian Research Agency (ARSS) methodology was implemented in the SICRIS system on 15 April 2005.

The Commission of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU) prepared the expert basis for categorising scientific publications to evaluate research performance in Slovenia. In Article 18 of the Rules on the Quality Assessment and Financing of Research and Infrastructure Programmes and in Article 30 of the Rules on the (Co-)Financing of Basic, Applied and Postdoctoral Research Projects, the Slovenian Research Agency defined the bibliographic indicators of research performance and assigned a relevant number of points to each individual category.

The computer-based categorisation of scientific publications uses the following data sources:

The central specialised information centres (CSICs) monitor the compliance of bibliographic unit classification according to the valid typology of documents/works for bibliography handling in the COBISS system (Tipologija-21.11.2002.pdf). The majority of bibliographic units by researchers participating in the current ARRS programmes and projects have already been verified (work classified under typologies 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 2.01 and 1.16, published in the period 2000-2004).

The categorisation is based on the criteria defined by the Agency. An electronic sorting system is used to assign a bibliographic unit to a particular category using a combination of information from different databases.

Signs used in the tables:

SCIE/x Articles in journals indexed by SCI Expanded (in the first, second, third or fourth quarter of journals in the relevant content category depending on the impact factor - by JCR data).
SSCI/y Articles in journals indexed by SSCI (above or under the median of journals in the relevant content category depending on the impact factor - by JCR data).
AHCI Articles in journals indexed by A&HCI.
MBP Articles in journals indexed by international specialised databases.
SLOR Articles in selected Slovenian journals, if not included in the previous categories.
MZZ Monographs published by international (scientific) publishers.
NZZ Monographs published by Slovenian national (scientific) publishers.
DRZ Monographs published by other publishers.
NK Uncategorised (articles in other journals, monographs without ISBN level or with a volume of less than 50 pages or with an undetermined number of pages, treatises in monographs with less than five pages or with an undetermined number of pages).

If any confusion occurs regarding the classification of bibliographic units according to the valid typology, researchers may contact the CSIC in charge of their research field.

For questions concerning the methodology used to evaluate scientific publications, see the categorisation of scientific publications on the Agency's webpage.

Should you establish, on the basis of bibliographic records in the COBIB.SI or other data bases, that a particular bibliographic unit is not accurately categorised, please inform us at this address:

The assessment of mentors for junior researchers (for 2000 to 2004) and the annual assessment of programme groups (for 2004) were conducted using data entered in the COBISS system by 20 April 2005. Since the CSICs could not fully complete the typology verification (over 90% of the entries had been verified), the point system also encompassed unverified entries. If authors discover any inaccuracies in the typological classification, then changes to unverified units should be made via a librarian, and changes to verified units via the CSIC in charge of the relevant research field. Authors should inform the national coordinator or the Slovenian Research Agency (Marica Žvar) of any change made to a COBISS entry. Changes reported in due time (before 10 May 2005) will be considered in the assessment.

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