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Facts and Figures
Highly cited papers

Highly cited papers are the scientific papers ranked among the top 1% most cited. The graphs show the trend in the number of such papers of Slovenian co-authorship per million inhabitants compared to the average of EU Member States for the eleven-year periods from 1996 to 2018. Slovenia overreached the EU average in the period of 2008–2018. According to the indicator showing the number of highly cited papers per million inhabitants, Slovenia is ranked 12th among EU Member States. The graphs include scientific papers that appeared in the journals indexed in the WoS bibliographic databases during the periods indicated, taking into account the citations from the same periods.

Number of highly cited papers per Million Inhabitants

Number of Papers and Index

Index of Papers per Million Inhabitants in 2008-2018 Period According to 2007-2017 Period

Number of Papers per Million Inhabitants in the 2008 -2018 Period

Share of Highly Cited Papers in All Scientific Papers in the 2008 - 2018 Period

Source: Essential Science Indicators, WoS

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